Engineer, Software

ISCO_08 - 2512
Mon State, Mawlamyine
Full Time
2 years 10 months 8 days ago

Job Description

-High school diploma or GED.
- Previous work experience as a CNC Programmer.
- Ability to read and interpret design blueprints.
- Extensive experience with computer modeling software.
- Strong attention to detail.
- Ability to work independently and stick to a deadline.
- Ability to stand for extended periods.
- Ability to lift heavy objects.
- Ability to work after-hours when required.

Job Resonsibility

- Reading and interpreting technical blueprints and design models.
- Loading raw materials into the CNC machine.
- Inputting the product design into the computer modeling software.
- Choosing and loading the correct cutting tools for the job.
- Adjusting machine settings to the desired product specifications.
- Troubleshooting issues during the manufacturing process.
- Completing quality control tests during the manufacturing stage and on the final product.
- Cleaning and maintaining the machine.
- Training new staff on machine operation procedures.